7 EVs Featured in Memorable Super Bowl Commercials

The advertising space for the 2024 Super Bowl is reportedly priced at approximately $7M for a 30-second spot, aligning with the rates observed in the previous year, as per AdAge. With the automotive sector anticipating a moderation in sales growth due to high interest rates and customer demand for incentives, companies are seeking ways to preserve profit margins, leading to strategic choices in marketing expenditures. Therefore, we will not see as many automotive commercials at the Super Bowl as in previous years.

The Detroit News announced earlier this month that Stellantis—the maker of brands such as Jeep and Ram—is adjusting its overall marketing strategy, skipping the Super Bowl this year and reevaluating its presence at auto shows on a case-by-case basis. The company cited the need to protect its North American operations in challenging market conditions.

“With a continued focus on preserving business fundamentals to mitigate the impact of a challenging U.S. automotive market, we are evaluating our business needs and will take the appropriate decisions to protect our North America operations and the Company,” according to a statement sent by spokesperson Diane Morgan. “In light of this assessment, we will not be participating in the Big Game this year.”

However, some automakers are seizing the Super Bowl stage to showcase their electric vehicles (EVs). Kia America announced its 15th appearance at the Super Bowl and will spotlight the all-electric EV9, America’s first mass-market three-row EV SUV. The EV9, recently named North American Utility Vehicle of the Year, represents Kia’s commitment to sustainable mobility.

Similarly, BMW is set to return to the Super Bowl in 2024, but will we watch an EV commercial? In a teaser titled “Agent,” actor Christopher Walken piques curiosity about the upcoming BMW ad, maybe hinting at a potential focus on EVs and the brand’s commitment to quality and driving experience.

As the automotive industry navigates market challenges, the Super Bowl commercials of 2024 present a dynamic landscape where some companies choose to step back while others use the platform to spotlight their innovations. Auto enthusiasts and consumers eagerly await the Super Bowl to witness how these marketing choices unfold on the big stage come February 11th. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at seven EVs showcased in Super Bowl commercials in previous years.