Adden Energy announces world’s fastest lithium metal battery has achieved breakthrough low temperature performance

Adden Energy, a leading developer of solid-state batteries, announces that its record-breaking lithium metal batteries can now maintain extreme-fast-charging (EFC) of less than 10 minutes at room temperature. No other lithium metal batteries can reliably charge this fast even at elevated temperatures, nevertheless at the room temperature required for electric vehicles (EVs). Such EFC solves one of the biggest bottlenecks facing widespread adoption of EVs.

Adden Energy’s all-solid-state pouch cell batteries (ASSB) use lithium metal anodes and high nickel NMC cathodes, enabling energy densities up to 500+ Wh/kg. Patented innovations, including the multi-electrolyte separator and porous 3D lithium metal anode, enable the simultaneous EFC along with industry leading energy densities.

In 2022, Adden Energy raised a $5.15M seed round to transition the underlying technology from academic style pressed-powder coin cells into commercially-viable pouch cells for the EV industry. Based at its laboratory in Waltham, MA, Adden Energy has successfully made this transition and passed several testing criteria for adoption by EV manufacturers. This includes both reducing the required temperature for EFC to room temperature and maintaining conventional charging rates down to below -20°C.

“The IP portfolio we’ve developed to enable extreme-fast-charging at room temperature in our lithium metal cells covers every aspect of the battery. Our porous anode technologies allow high cathode loadings in excess of 4 mAh/cmand our multi-electrolyte separators completely stop dendrites from forming even at such high current densities,” explained Luhan Ye, CTO of Adden Energy.

“All-solid-state batteries are one of the most challenging but also, if you can get it right, the most rewarding directions in energy storage,” stated Adden Energy co-founder and Chairman, Xin Li. “Adden Energy has developed an unparalleled solution. The significance of simultaneously maintaining commercial level cathode loadings, a lithium metal anode, room temperature operation, and 10-minute charge cannot be overstated.”