ADS-TEC Energy demonstrates ultra-fast charging without compromise at the EV Charging Summit & Expo

ADS-TEC Energy plc, a global leader in battery-buffered, ultra-fast charging technology, unveiled its innovative ChargeBox EV charging platform at the EV Charging Summit & Expo in Las Vegas, March 20-22, 2024.

The ChargeBox has a charging capacity of up to 320 kW, even on power-limited grid connections. It currently supports CCSI charging plus and will soon support NACS charging plugs. This ultra-fast charging solution offers maximum setup flexibility and, compared to conventional DC chargers, can be deployed more quickly with lower cost as it requires no extensive construction or upgrades to high-powered electrical infrastructure.

This week ADS-TEC Energy unveiled the first U.S. deployment of the ChargeBox at a multi-family residential complex in North Miami Beach. This deployment allows drivers at the 470-unit complex to charge their EVs in just minutes and requires only two parking spaces. The complex managers decided against equipping parking spaces at great expense with slower Level 2 chargers which would block the spaces for many hours and are destined to become obsolete in a couple of years. For comparison, 100 Level 2 chargers of 11 kW each have a connected load of 1.1 MW and yet would not charge quickly. Instead, they decided to install the ChargeBox and are demonstrating how quickly and easily ChargeBox can be used without requiring expensive grid expansion.

A compact and efficient solution, ChargeBox is the ideal charging system for apartment buildings and hotels, supermarkets, filling stations, companies, car dealerships and fleet operators, who are increasingly switching to EVs.

The founder and CEO of ADS-TEC Energy, Thomas Speidel, spoke at the EV Charging Summit & Expo conference about the importance of sustainable infrastructure. He noted ChargeBox’s unique business models will make an important contribution to the nationwide adoption of EVs.

“Our aim is to make ultra-fast charging accessible to as many EV drivers as possible,” said Thomas Speidel. “For residents of large apartment buildings, charging in just a few minutes with ChargeBox will become as common as air conditioning, valet parking or elevators. In city centers with limited space and in supermarket and office parking lots, ChargeBox will deliver ultra-fast charging even on power-limited networks. With this solution, we are boosting the U.S.’s EV charging infrastructure and doing our bit to encourage more people to opt for an electric vehicle.”