Amprius delivers high-volume silicon anode cell shipment to Korean Aerospace Research Institute

Amprius Technologies, Inc., a leader in next-generation lithiumion batteries with its Silicon Anode Platform, today announced it completed a high-volume shipment of SiMaxxTM cells to the Korean Aerospace Research Institute (“KARI”), known as the aeronautics and space agency of South Korea, further strengthening Amprius’ position as the premier global battery solution for HAPS applications.

“This partnership with KARI achieves several of our goals, including validating our innovative technology on a global scale and highlighting our ability to provide industry-leading HAPS solutions,” said Dr. Kang Sun, CEO of Amprius Technologies. “We remain committed to delivering unmatched battery performance for the future of aerospace technology and look forward to our continued efforts in collaboration with the KARI team in the future.”

In December 2023, Amprius completed a volume shipment of its 450 Wh/kg SiMaxx cells to KARI to power their solar-powered stratospheric full-scale vehicle. Amprius SiMaxx cells are designed to reduce weight and increase aircraft flight distance range significantly. SiMaxx cells are the only known commercially available batteries that can provide enough power and endurance for HAPS overnight stratospheric flight applications and can enable higher payloads and operation in both all seasons and higher latitudes. These cells are also customizable, ensuring tasks are executed according to a company’s specifications while providing greater flexibility to meet specific energy and power needs, ultimately enhancing performance effectiveness and efficiency.

“Our pursuit of groundbreaking stratospheric missions demands cutting-edge energy solutions to meet stringent performance criteria,” said Seung-jae Hwang, Project Manager of KARI’s Solar HALE project. “Integrating Amprius’ ultra-high-energy density batteries into our solar-powered electrical aerial vehicle allows us to significantly enhance the overall performance and viability of our missions while redefining the cargo capability and extending flight durations in the stratosphere.”

Amprius’ 450 Wh/kg custom cell form factors are positioned to improve performance across several applications, including electric aviation (high-energy drones such as HAPS) as well as high-energy storage applications for the military. These 450 Wh/kg cells are expected to be manufactured in large-scale production at Amprius’ facility in Colorado, targeted to be operational in 2025.