Arkema and ProLogium engage in a collaboration for next generation lithium ceramic battery materials for e-mobility

On 14th May, Arkema and ProLogium held an LOI (letter of intent) exchange ceremony in Paris, deepening the collaboration that began in 2010 and that will accelerate following ProLogium’s intention to establish an advanced R&D laboratory in France, home to Arkema’s flagship Battery Center of Excellence, demonstrating one more time Arkema’s ability to work with the leaders of the batteries of tomorrow, bringing its large suite of technologies to help develop batteries that are more efficient, safer, and more sustainable.

ProLogium recently launched in Taiwan its first giga-level demonstration line, a factory capable of producing up to 2 gigawatt hours of Lithium Ceramic Batteries, enough to equip up to 26,000 cars per year. Their next step will consist in building a gigafactory in Dunkirk, France which will be capable of supplying over 500,000 cars per year.

The French government has committed to granting ProLogium a subsidy as part of its “France 2030” plan. Arkema is a key supplier of PVDF for advanced lithiumion batteries, with manufacturing sites in France, the USA, and China. The collaboration will focus first on Kynar® PVDF grades and advanced high-performance materials tailored for ProLogium’s next-generation Lithium Ceramic Batteries, but also includes plans to leverage Arkema’s extensive suite of inside-the-cell technologies.

“As we journey towards creating a localized value chain, Arkema is an ideal partner in overcoming existing technological barriers and achieve innovations, leading to a fundamental transformation in cell structure and process design,” said Vincent Yang, founder and CEO of ProLogium. “Arkema’s industry leading portfolio of battery material solutions, in addition to their global innovation and manufacturing capability, is key to helping us develop new battery models that combine performance, cost efficiency, and resource circulation.”