Aspen Aerogels announces thermal barrier award from Valmet Automotive for Electric Porsche 718 Series

Aspen Aerogels Announces Thermal Barrier Award from Valmet Automotive for Electric Porsche 718 Series and Reiterates 2024 Financial Outlook.

Aspen Aerogels, Inc., a technology leader in sustainability and electrification solutions, today announced a PyroThin® design award from Valmet Automotive to supply the next generation electric-only Porsche 718 series.

Aspen is also reiterating its 2024 financial outlook.

Valmet Automotive / Porsche EV Thermal Barrier Commercial Award

  • Valmet Automotive is Porsche’s manufacturing partner for the next generation electric 718 lineup
  • The Porsche 718 platform covers the Cayman and Boxster models with an expected start of production in 2025
  • Porsche, through Valmet, joins Audi and Scania as announced PyroThin® awards linked to the Volkswagen Group

Donald R. Young, Aspen’s President and CEO, said: “We are excited to add Valmet Automotive and Porsche to our growing list of customers as they prepare to manufacture an all-electric 718 lineup. This award, and the depth of our quote and development pipeline with additional OEM customers, further validates PyroThin® as the go-to EV thermal barrier solution. We believe that we will add more awards to our roster during 2024 to drive further diversification in our PyroThin® customer base for 2025 and beyond.