Averna and Gotion forge strategic collaboration for advanced battery manufacturing and testing

Averna, the leading global test & quality solutions provider, proudly announces its collaboration with renowned international battery manufacturer, Gotion, bringing forth an innovative end-of-life test system designed to elevate the validation of electrical components within the manufacturer’s battery packs.

Mr. Jochen Weber, Vice President of Averna Germany, stated, “Our partnership with Gotion marks a significant milestone in advancing battery manufacturing. They are producing the next generation of energy storage technology and our test systems are simply the right fit. They not only ensure the highest standards of performance validation but also lay the foundation for future innovations.”

Averna’s system is largely based on the Batterie Inspektor™ framework and leverages NI’s test instrumentation. It is completely customized to Gotion’s requirements. This collaborative effort not only ensures the meticulous testing of the battery packs’ performance but also integrates data connectivity to the overall infrastructure. The system is characterized by its modular and expandable design, allowing for seamless integration into various production environments.

The end result has garnered praise from Dr. Nizar Aouni, Project Manager at Gotion, “Averna’s expertise and innovative approach have greatly contributed to the development of our state-of-the-art battery packs. This system not only meets our rigorous testing requirements but also aligns seamlessly with our vision for smart manufacturing. Averna’s presence in geographies where Gotion is and will be manufacturing is also a key factor in our partnership.”

This collaboration is a testament to Gotion and Averna’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and delivering tailored solutions that meet the evolving needs of the battery industry globally.