Battery company Theion announces breakthrough anode chemistry that could transform electrified mobility

The Berlin based battery company Theion, has received third-party validation for its innovative ultra-fast charging and safe battery anode technology. This disruptive innovation is particularly beneficial for electric aviation and can significantly impact electrified mobility sectors such as automotive and marine. The technology addresses the dendrite safety issues associated with lithium metal foil anodes and has demonstrated over 2,000 cycles in symmetrical cells, marking a notable safety milestone.  The high energy density anode enables ultra-fast charging and represents a significant step towards theion’s goal of achieving 1,000 Wh/kg in lithium-sulfur batteries.

One of the biggest challenges of batteries using lithium metal foils on the anode is the formation of dendrites during fast charging and discharging, ultimately creating a safety risk. In line with its research on lithium-sulphur batteries, Theion has developed a lightweight polymer host with special coatings to replace state of the art anode chemistries such as graphite, silicon-rich graphite or lithium metal foils, and successfully reached over 2,000 charging and discharging cycles. This has been validated by a leading independent research institute in Germany, where the anode proved to be stable cycling in a symmetrical cell.

“Our new anode design is an important milestone,” said Dr. Ulrich Ehmes CEO of Theion. “With our host anode chemistry optimised and tested over several thousand cycles, we have solved the dendrite and fast charging problem of lithium metal foils. This is a key component for our high-performance lithium-sulphur cell.”

Unlocking the challenge of a durable lightweight anode is one of the key enablers for lithium-sulphur batteries, offering triple the energy density of today’s conventional lithiumIon batteries, at just one-third of the cost while requiring significantly less energy to produce.

Theion is backed by Team Global – a holding group investing in frontier technology businesses. With a successful track record and significant investments in eVTOL companies, Theion’s place in the portfolio is highly synergetic. In addition, the company has generated significant interest from leading players in the aviation industry to support them on their path to electric flight.