CATL working with Tesla on fast-charging cells, supplying Nevada

During the first One Earth Summit held in Hong Kong on March 25, Zeng Yuqun, the Chairman and General Manager of Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL), revealed in an interview that the company is in collaboration with Tesla to develop fast-charging batteries for electric vehicles (EVs). The partnership focuses on researching new electrochemical structures and other battery technologies.

Additionally, Mr. Zeng disclosed that CATL is supplying equipment for Tesla’s factory in Nevada, USA.

At the summit, Mr. Zeng emphasized the importance of “open innovation” in driving global sustainable development. He highlighted the severe challenges posed by climate change, uneven technological development, and the slowing pace of energy transition in some regions. “Humanity has never been in greater need of a global consensus. We must truly reach a consensus, using open innovation to advance technology and actively respond to the challenges of climate change,” Zeng stated.

Since its inception, CATL has focused on three strategic directions of development and has built four major innovation systems, with open innovation being a key practice. Internally, CATL continues to increase its R&D investments, exploring cutting-edge technologies and advanced solutions. In 2023, its R&D expenditure reached 18.4 billion.

Externally, CATL innovates in cooperation models, sharing technological achievements to promote global technological inclusivity. For example, CATL has adopted the LRS (Licence Royalty Service) model with its clients in the US, assisting OEMs and battery manufacturers in quickly establishing battery factories through technology sharing. This open approach aims to accelerate the global energy transition and climate change response.