CBAK Energy Technology, Inc. unveils breakthrough in fast-charging technology with enhanced Model 32140 battery, achieving full charge in just 35 minutes

CBAK Energy Technology, Inc. announced a significant technological advancement with its model 32140 battery, a large cylindrical lithiumion battery mass produced at its Nanjing facility. The Company has successfully upgraded and innovated the battery structure, adopting a brand-new design based on the original battery cell structure. This upgrade has enabled the model 32140 large cylindrical battery to increase its fast-charging capability from the original 0.8C fast charging rate and a full charge in 75 minutes to a 1.8C fast charging rate and a full charge within just 35 minutes, achieving 1.25 times faster charging speed.

Additionally, the battery’s cycle life under high-current charge and discharge has doubled, enhancing the overall durability and efficiency of the product. CBAK Energy has filed a patent application for this novel technology with the relevant authorities in China, anticipating imminent approval. The model 32140 large cylindrical battery is currently one of the most mature large cylindrical battery solutions on the market.

Since commencing mass production in the second half of 2021, it has undergone more than two years of market validation, leading to a significant increase in sales. With the integration of innovative technologies facilitating the product iterations and upgrades, alongside the addition of new clients, the Company anticipates a substantial increase in sales of this product in key markets such as India and China this year.