Cell Pack Solutions becomes a part of Celltech Group

Cell Pack Solutions Ltd, a British battery company, has joined the Celltech Group. As a result, Celltech Group now has research and development and production facilities in five countries. Celltech Group has offices in nine countries and employs around 430 people.

Cell Pack specialises in developing, manufacturing, and marketing its own brand of battery solutions to customers in various sectors, including utilities such as water, gas, electricity, and sewage, as well as oceanography, security, medical, instrumentation, tracking, environmental research, and IoT. Cell Pack Solutions has expertise in building battery packs for a wide array of conditions, from ATEX to sub-zero temperatures.

In addition, Tracer, a well-known brand of high-performance lithium batteries, is also part of Cell Pack. Tracer batteries are trusted across industries worldwide and have powered applications from the Arctic to the Sahara. They are used in sectors such as Surveillance & Security, Media Production, Construction, and Emergency Services.

Cell Pack’s addition to Celltech Group will effectively strengthen and complement Celltech Group’s existing operations, which currently consist of over ten companies.

” We are excited to announce the acquisition of Cell Pack Solutions, the renowned British battery company that produces high-quality battery solutions for various industrial segments,” says Peter Andersson, President of Celltech Group. “We are thrilled to welcome Cell Pack to the family and look forward to working together to bring even more value to our customers.”

“I regard it as a great honour to be joining the Celltech Group of companies, this will be a very exciting time for my team as they discover the new opportunities that will be opened for them. In recent years our own acquisition of the Tracer Brand has seen our own company expand rapidly into Europe. Now, we can work more closely within such a well-established network and further expand into these new markets while continuing our growth within the UK with some new product developments we have planned, “ says Eddie Czestochowski, Managing Director of Cell Pack Solution Ltd.