Cero to include battery storage in its 370 MW solar power project in Greece

Cero Development Hellas, a subsidiary of Macquarie’s Cero Generation, has received approval to enhance its 370MW Dristello solar power plant in central Greece with the addition of a 749 megawatt-hour (MWh) battery energy storage system.

The approval, given by the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Waste and Water, allows for a change in its producer certificate for the solar plant, to include battery storage.

The Dristello solar power plant, to be located in the municipalities of Domokos and Stylida within the Fthiotida region, will integrate a 749MWh battery storage system. The system is designed to operate without drawing power from the grid, offering a high nominal battery availability of 95% with a depth of discharge of 711MWh.

Cero Development Hellas, which operates across eight European countries, was established by the Green Investment Group, part of Macquarie Asset Management. The company is also constructing the 100MW Delphini photovoltaic project in Prosotsani, Drama, valued at €60m ($64.44m).