Empowering Used-EV Buyers: Cox Automotive’s VIN-Specific Battery Health Measurement

Ensuring the health of electric vehicle (EV) batteries is paramount in the used-EV industry: It provides transparency and confidence to buyers, allowing them to make informed decisions about the condition and potential longevity of the vehicle’s battery. And accurate battery health measurements are crucial for determining resale value, as a well-maintained battery can significantly impact the price of a used EV. Additionally, battery health assessments help buyers assess performance reliability and long-term viability, ultimately building trust and encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles in the market.

The challenge has been how to accurately and transparently do so.

LotVision-based data sharing

Now automotive services and technology provider Cox Automotive offers a solution. Cox’s latest innovation involves the introduction of VIN-specific battery health measurement capabilities across its Manheim platform. Manheim, a Cox subsidiary, operates a vast network of wholesale vehicle auction locations and digital marketplaces. It is a key player in facilitating transactions in the wholesale automotive market, providing services to automotive dealers, manufacturers, rental agencies, fleet companies, and other entities involved in bulk vehicle transactions.

Through the utilization of Manheim LotVision technology, Cox Automotive’s EV Battery Solutions team has developed a solution that swiftly evaluates the battery health of each unique vehicle. LotVision tech involves wireless tracking devices that are placed in vehicles within Manheim’s auction lots. Originally designed for geolocating vehicles on the lots, LotVision devices have been enhanced to capture additional data—such as, yes, EV battery health information—through firmware updates.

This approach integrates battery health information seamlessly into condition reports (CRs) and vehicle detail pages (VDPs) on Manheim.com. By leveraging LotVision devices installed in vehicles across Manheim’s locations, battery health data is captured quickly and transmitted automatically, empowering buyers with comprehensive insights for confident decision-making.

Transparency = credibility

“We firmly believe that VIN-specific battery state of health will be the new standard in the industry,” stated Steve Rowley, President of Cox Automotive. “With this innovation, we are leading the industry in EV battery health and demonstrating our commitment to transparency and confidence in the wholesale marketplace.”

Grace Huang, President of Cox Automotive Inventory Solutions, echoed this sentiment: “Transparency drives confidence in the wholesale marketplace. With this innovative new use of LotVision, we’re giving clients exactly what they need: the most detailed information possible on each individual EV.”

As Cox Automotive continues to invest in innovations that shape the future of automotive transactions, the introduction of VIN-specific battery health measurement capabilities marks a significant milestone in enhancing transparency, reliability, and trust within the used-EV industry.