Enevate licensee JR Energy Solution starts operation of Korea’s first electrode foundry

Enevate, a pioneering battery innovation company with technology enabling extreme fast charge with high energy density batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) and other markets, announced that JR Energy Solution (JR ES) has started operation of Korea’s first electrode foundry, with capability to manufacture electrodes containing Enevate’s technology.

JR ES is a leader in the development and manufacturing of high-performance lithiumion battery electrodes with a unique electrode and battery cell foundry model, enabling lithiumion cell manufacturers and other partners to purchase tailor-made electrodes and, in the future, cell solutions.

Enevate’s innovative silicon battery technology represents significant advances in battery performance. This cutting-edge technology charges up to 10 times faster than traditional lithiumion batteries, offering a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving battery market. The technology not only achieves superior energy densities but also provides enhanced safety features and operates efficiently in low-temperature environments, making it a versatile solution. Importantly, Enevate’s technology readily integrates with existing manufacturing infrastructure, such as that of JR ES, eliminating the need for costly new production equipment and processes, leading to higher profitability. This compatibility underscores the potential for a smooth, cost-effective transition to this advanced technology.

“JR Energy Solution is a visionary company, well positioned to address future requirements of battery customers and will serve both startup and established cell manufacturers alike with silicon dominant anodes,” said Enevate CEO Bob Kruse. “This customer-centric approach and JR ES’s exceptional manufacturing quality caters to a diverse range of requirements, including those of leading automotive OEMs.”

A pioneer in electrode supply within Korea, JR ES, has strategically invested in an electrode manufacturing plant, demonstrating its commitment to advanced battery technology and sustainable energy solutions. The plant, located on a 20-acre site in the Yongsan Industrial Complex, Eumseong, Chungcheongbuk-do, is well-positioned to serve both the Korean market and beyond. Built in just 8 months, the facility showcases the team’s efficiency and expertise. With an annual production capacity of 500MWh of anode and cathode electrodes, the plant is set to enhance battery performance and reliability.

“Our business model, resembling a semiconductor foundry, allows partners to access customized, advanced technology electrode solutions,” said JR Energy Solution CEO Duke Oh. “It allows us to produce a variety of advanced electrodes including anodes with Enevate’s breakthrough fast charge technology. We are committed to delivering high quality cutting-edge products.”

JR ES projects electrode sales to reach $15 million in 2024, reflecting strong market demand. Looking ahead, JR ES plans to expand with an additional electrode plant in 2025, boasting a capacity of 2GWh, further solidifying their industry leadership.