Extended-Range Commuter E-Bike Can Go 225 Miles per Charge

Electric bikes (e-bikes) have rapidly emerged as a game-changer in urban transportation, particularly for commuters seeking efficient and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional modes of travel. With advancements in technology and design, e-bikes offer a compelling solution for navigating city streets, combining the convenience of a bicycle with the assistance of an electric motor.

Recently, FUELL announced new e-bikes with notable advancements in commuter transportation options. Key features such as extended range capability, seamless gear shifting, and integrated smart technology aim to cater to the needs of commuters seeking sustainable and efficient travel solutions.

One of the standout features of the Flluid-2 and 3 series is its impressive range. The Flluid-2 offers an extended range of up to 225 miles (350km) on a single charge, while the Flluid-3 provides a still considerable range of 110 miles (180km). This addresses a common concern among commuters regarding range anxiety, potentially offering more flexibility and reliability for daily transportation needs.

Automatic gear shift

The new e-bike integrates Valeo‘s mid-drive motor—750W / 130 Nm mid-drive motor—with an automatic gearbox featuring smart algorithms that adjust assistance, cranking frequency, and pace. According to FUELL, the  Flluid-2 and 2S are among the first in the world to feature such automatic gearboxes, especially useful on challenging terrain and steep inclines. The gearbox’s predictive algorithms learn and anticipate your pedaling style, to shift automatically and smoothly in under 100 ms. Additionally, the option for manual shifting allows riders to tailor their ride according to their preferences, potentially enhancing overall comfort and control.

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“The creation of the FUELL Flluid-2 & 3 e-bikes was a complex and demanding journey that took many years of research and development. We faced a lot of challenges on our way, such as creating e-bikes that comfortably fit customers from 5′ tall all the way to 6′4″ tall, packing 2,000 W of battery into the frame without getting it too massive, providing a ‘just right’ balance of agility and confident handling to the riding experience, etc. I am proud to announce that we have successfully overcome all these challenges, developing e-bikes that meet the needs of today’s urban commuters,” stated Erik Buell, CTO and co-founder of FUELL.

Control with a rider app

Additionally, the inclusion of the FUELL Rider App offers added convenience and security for users. E-bike users can remotely lock/unlock the bike, eliminating the need for physical keys. It also enhances security by enabling real-time tracking and alerts for unusual movements, deterring theft, and ensuring the bike’s safety. Additionally, the app offers insights into usage statistics and data, helping users monitor their riding habits and maintain their e-bike more effectively.

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The innovations on the Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 e-bikes, along with the accompanying FUELL Rider App, underscore the importance of technological advancements in enhancing the commuter experience. These innovations not only extend the range and improve the performance of e-bikes but also offer convenience, security, and valuable insights to users.

As more people turn to e-bikes for their daily commutes, these advancements play a crucial role in making sustainable transportation more accessible and efficient. By embracing technology, e-bikes are poised to revolutionize urban mobility, offering a compelling solution for commuters seeking a convenient, eco-friendly, and enjoyable way to navigate city streets.