FreeWire’s New Pro Series DC Fast Chargers Can Also Power Your Business

FreeWire is known in the American EV landscape as the company that makes battery-powered DC fast chargers that can be hooked up to existing electrical infrastructure. Well, now the California-based startup has a new line of products called the Pro Series that takes the idea of a battery-powered DC fast charger to the next level.

The Boost Power Pro stalls feature bidirectional power flow capabilities, meaning they can act like battery generators, providing power to the business that has them installed on its premises.

Get Fully Charged

FreeWire’s new battery-powered fast chargers can do it all

FreeWire’s new Pro Series DC fast chargers can act like stationary storage, providing power to buildings during blackouts. They can also send power back to the grid when it’s convenient for the business owners, as well as provide up to 200 kW of power to EVs that need a top-up, thanks to their integrated 150-kilowatt-hour battery pack and clever software.

Furthermore, multiple stalls can share their energy storage capabilities to become a large-scale energy storage system. This is in addition to what the non-Pro stalls offer, which is DC fast charging for EVs at up to 200 kilowatts and a low-power input.

In the case of the new Boost Power Pro, it comes with two charging cables, one with a CCS1 plug and the other with a NACS connector that can be used to top-up Tesla EVs (and the Aptera solar car, when it eventually goes on sale).

Each charger comes with an integrated 150-kilowatt-hour battery pack and the connection to the grid is configurable up to 53 kW. Speaking of the grid, the Pro Series can also send power back to the grid using FreeWire’s software, which can potentially make business owners some money during peak times. The batteries inside the chargers can be recharged when the energy cost is lower and then exported back to the grid when it’s more expensive.

“Designed with quality and serviceability in mind, the Boost Charger Pro and Boost Power Pro are more than just chargers; they’re comprehensive energy solutions ensuring preparedness and flexibility in a wide range of scenarios,” said Martin Lynch, COO at FreeWire

The California-based company will begin shipping its all-in-one battery-powered DC fast chargers in the second quarter of 2024.