Group14’s Silicon battery material enables breakthrough power and charging performance with Molicel’s “P50B” Ultra-High Power Cells

Group14 Technologies, Inc., the world’s largest global manufacturer and supplier of advanced silicon battery materials, was named as the silicon battery material manufacturer enabling “breakthrough performance” in Molicel’s ultra-high-power P50B lithiumion battery cells.

“Thanks to Group14’s SCC55®, Molicel’s P50B can have a similar life cycle range to iron-phosphate batteries, but with double the power density and half the charge times of the best cylindrical lithiumion batteries on the market today,” said Dr. Lester Yeh, head of Research & Development at Molicel. “Group14’s SCC55® silicon battery material has enabled our latest ultra-high performance P-Series battery cells.”

Group14’s SCC55® advanced silicon battery material has made Molicel’s performance breakthrough possible, Yeh confirmed this week in a presentation at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference in Strasbourg, France. The Molicel INR-21700-P50B battery was first announced at CES 2024, and described as the “groundbreaking innovation of ultra-high power cells that push the boundaries of performance,” most notably for EV hypercars and eVTOL applications.

“The transformational performance improvement in the Molicel P50B battery, powered by Group14’s SCC55®, represents today’s state-of-the-art rechargeable battery,” said Dr. Rick Costantino, CTO and co-founder of Group14. “Molicel is a best-in-class partner for Group14, helping accelerate the transition to electrification with silicon batteries.”

Group14 is rapidly scaling its global manufacturing capabilities worldwide. The company’s advanced battery active materials (BAM) factory already manufactures and has delivered large-scale shipments of SCC55® to more than 100 customers representing 95% of worldwide lithiumion battery production. A second factory in Moses Lake, Washington, is planned to start production later in 2024 and is expected to be the world’s largest for advanced silicon battery materials with an initial annual capacity of 4,000 tons of SCC55® or 20 GWh of silicon battery material. The first manufacturing module from Group14’s joint venture with SK, Inc. in South Korea is currently being commissioned and will have a nameplate manufacturing capacity of 2,000 tons of SCC55®, equivalent to 10 GWh of silicon battery capacity annually.