LG Energy, Qualcomm to develop battery management system

South Korea’s LG Energy Solution Ltd., the world’s second-largest electric vehicle battery maker, announced on Sunday that it will develop a battery management system (BMS) for future electric vehicles (EVs) with the US-based Qualcomm.

The company aims to improve the BMS’s accuracy by integrating Qualcomm’s technology into the system, which was previously based on less sophisticated software.

LG Energy Solution plans to market this enhanced BMS to car manufacturers worldwide.

The BMS plays a crucial role in monitoring and managing the current, voltage, and temperature of batteries in EVs and energy storage systems (ESS), ensuring they operate at their best.

This system not only orchestrates the performance of numerous battery cells but also acts as a preemptive guard against fire hazards. LG Energy Solution will incorporate specific functionalities of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Digital Chassis into the BMS diagnostic software.

The Snapdragon Digital Chassis platform integrates various next-gen EV technologies, such as autonomous driving, communication services, infotainment, and cloud computing.

LG Energy Solutions and Qualcomm plan to increase the computing power of BMS by more than 80 times to enable more sophisticated and accurate algorithms.