LION E-Mobility AG wins order worth over 12 million € from bus manufacturer KARSAN

LION E-Mobility AG, a leading battery pack manufacturer specializing in e-mobility and energy storage solutions, has reached a milestone in its mission to spearhead sustainable transportation solutions. LION Smart Production, a subsidiary of LION, has secured a purchase order with the prominent Turkish bus manufacturer KARSAN totaling over 12 million € in value. This further solidifies LION’s position as a key player in the global electrification of public transit.

The contract encompasses around 6 million € in firm orders to be delivered in 2024, reflecting the confidence placed in LION’s superior battery technology to meet the demanding requirements of electric vehicle (EV) applications. Additionally, with a floating component of around 6 million € the agreement allows for flexibility to accommodate the evolving needs of KARSAN and the rapidly expanding market for electric buses. The additional order is also expected to be delivered in 2024.

“We are thrilled to announce this contract with KARSAN, deepening the partnership,” said Dr. Joachim Damasky, CEO of LION. “This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to shaping a future where clean, electric transportation is the norm. By joining forces, we are poised to make a significant impact in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and building a more sustainable world for generations to come.”

As the global demand for electric vehicles continues to surge, partnerships like this between the LION E-Mobility group and KARSAN are paramount to driving innovation and progress in sustainable transportation. By combining their expertise and resources, both companies are poised to lead the charge towards a future powered by clean energy and zero-emission mobility solutions.

The innovative battery solutions provided by LION are renowned for their exceptional performance, reliability, and longevity, making them the ideal choice for powering electric vehicles across diverse applications. Designed with advanced technology and engineering expertise, these batteries packs offer superior energy density and fast-charging capabilities, ensuring optimal efficiency and extended operational range for electric buses in urban environments.