Lithium South expands production well drill program

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Lithium South Development Corporation has announced significant progress at Well PW23-AS-02 on its flagship Hombre Muerto North Lithium Project (HMN Li Project), which is the first pumping well to be located at the Alba Sabrina claim block. Spanning 2,089 hectares, Alba Sabrina is the largest claim block in the HMN Li Project package and a key component of the corporation’s lithium development efforts.

Recent efforts at Well PW23-AS-02, have successfully cleared the well of sediment, leading to the flow of clear brine with strong artesian characteristics. These developments suggest potential for enhanced brine extraction rates. To maximize these benefits, an 80-kilowatt pump, significantly larger than the initially planned 50-kilowatt pump, has been contracted for the HMN Li Project.

Adrian F. C. Hobkirk, President and CEO of Lithium South Development Corporation states, “These developments on the Alba Sabrina claim block could potentially enhance our operational capacity.  The completion of this pumping test, anticipated by the end of May, will provide critical technical insight into the capacity potential of this area of the salar.  We’re excited about the future and are committed to delivering value to our shareholders and contributing responsibly to the global energy transition.”

In response to these developments, Lithium South has decided to significantly expand its well installation program. This expansion includes an additional well of up to 400 meters at the Alba Sabrina block and three more within the adjoining Norma Edith and Viamonte blocks, subject to a 50/50 brine share with neighbor POSCO.

Concurrently, the technical team is preparing the biannual Environmental Impact Report, incorporating the expanded drilling plans. This report, essential to the strategic objectives of Lithium South, will be submitted by the end of April.