LiTHOS expands brine testing portfolio with additional lithium producers

LiTHOS Group Ltd., a leader in sustainable lithium production, has announced the continued influx of brine samples from new mining companies. This development underscores LiTHOS’s growing reputation and capability in the lithium extraction industry. The tests were conducted at LiTHOS’s state-of-the-art facility in Bessemer, Alabama, highlighting the Company’s commitment to technological innovation and environmental stewardship.

Key Developments:

Increased Brine Reception: LiTHOS has been receiving an increasing number of brine samples from new mining companies. This influx highlights the industry’s trust in LiTHOS’s patent-pending AcQUA™ technology, which aims to improve lithium extraction processes.

Successful Testing and Presentation: LiTHOS has completed comprehensive testing on multiple brine samples from one of its mining customers. The test results have been successfully presented to the client, demonstrating the effectiveness and reliability of LiTHOS’s technology.

New Client Engagements: LiTHOS is currently testing additional brine samples from customers. The Company expects to complete these tests soon and will present the results to potential clients, reinforcing its market presence.

South American Client Engagement: LiTHOS has received brine samples from another mining company in South America, reinforcing its presence in the key lithium-rich region and enhancing its global reac