Live Wire: What Should EV Noobs Know About Charging Station Etiquette?

The rise of electric cars brings with it a whole new set of habits, routines and rituals that drivers need to get used to. From charging up to maximizing range, there’s a whole new way of doing things. 

Crucially, there’s also a way not to do things. 

That being said, we have a question for all the seasoned EV drivers out there: What should EV newcomers know about charging station etiquette? 

Charging has many more moving parts to it than stopping for gas. There aren’t enough chargers in certain areas. Some plugs can dispense far more power than others. And the list goes on. 


As more and more buyers go electric and charging stations get more crowded, proper etiquette will only grow more important. So what are the golden “dos” and “don’ts” people out there should abide by?

Is it ever OK to unplug someone else’s car? What if they’re at 80% and you’re in a rush? What if they’re incurring idle fees? 

If there’s a long line for a Tesla Supercharger on, say, a holiday weekend, what’s the appropriate amount of time to stop and charge? 

If you really need to charge all the way to 100%, is it a faux pas to occupy a stall for an hour or more? 

What are the rules to live by and the exceptions to them? What else are you dying to get off your chest? Let us know in the comments below or via email, and we’ll publish your best advice in a future story. 

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