Micromeritics launches technical collaboration with Fraunhofer Research Institution for battery cell production

Micromeritics Instrument Corporation and Fraunhofer FFB, part of the Fraunhofer Battery Alliance, today announced a technical collaboration focused on the education and training of future scientists and engineers.

As part of this collaboration, Micromeritics technologies like the TriStar BET Surface Area Analyzer will be deployed in the materials characterization lab at the new Fraunhofer FFB battery cell production site »PreFab« in Münster. Fraunhofer and Micromeritics scientists will collaborate to develop methods to characterize rapidly evolving battery materials, and training content for individuals employed across the battery value chain in Germany and Europe.

Jonas Henschel, Ph.D., Fraunhofer FFB’s Head of Department Product and Process Development said, “Material and particle characterization are crucial for performance and quality assessments during our lithium and sodium ion battery production. By analyzing promising new materials as well as solid state battery material, we can scale up the synthesis and production process of next generation battery systems. This collaboration with Micromeritics extends our aspirations for a deep understanding of battery materials and its interaction with product characteristics.”

Jeff Hrivnak, Ph.D., Micromeritics’ VP of Market Development said: “There is exciting work happening today at the Fraunhofer Battery Alliance, and specifically Fraunhofer FFB as they develop next generation batteries and advanced production processes. We are pleased to support their innovative work with our own advanced high-performance systems, and we look forward to a collaboration that helps educate tomorrow’s scientists and engineers on battery material characterization.