Piersica Inc. receives Shell GameChanger grant to help bring its solid-state battery technology to market

Piersica Inc., announced today that it has received a grant from Shell GameChanger. The grant will help accelerate the development of the company’s innovative solid-state battery technology.

Founded and led by a battery industry veteran Dr. Claudiu Bucur, Piersica is at the forefront of developing novel battery technology, utilizing new materials created by the company. Piersica’s technology innovations include:

These innovations aim to deliver a battery with a remarkable energy density of 630 Wh/kg, representing a 2.5x increase over today’s lithiumion batteries and pushing the boundaries toward the upper limit of lithium-based battery technology.

Shell GameChanger supports innovative companies in transforming their early-stage ideas into commercial realities. The partnership will not only provide Piersica with seed funding for a proof of concept, but also with expertise and support for technology development and scale-up. This grant reaffirms Piersica’s innovative approach and its potential to contribute to the global shift towards more sustainable energy solutions.

“Piersica is well-positioned to influence the energy landscape with its innovative lithiumion battery technology,” said Claudiu Bucur, CEO of Piersica Inc. “The Shell GameChanger grant accelerates our path to commercialization and validates our vision to use our technology for a more sustainable energy future. We look forward to working together.”

“Piersica’s technology differentiates itself with its innovative approach to enhancing battery technology,” commented David Rahmani, commercial partnerships manager at Shell GameChanger. “Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of energy density aligns with our mission to support high-potential companies aiming to transform the energy sector. We are eager to see how this partnership will contribute to the advancement of sustainable energy solutions.”