Procurement Strategies to Take Advantage of Falling Li-ion Battery Equipment Costs

Learn how to make the most of lower prices on Li-ion battery equipment in a new webinar from Battery Technology partner site Energy Storage News.

Suppliers have been offering record-low prices on lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries in recent months, so what does that mean from a procurement perspective? In a new webinar from Battery Technology partner site Energy Storage News, Clean Horizon, an energy storage consultancy that supports developers and investors in the procurement of energy storage solutions, will break down how to deploy procurement strategies that can lower costs while ensuring acceptable performance and minimum effort.

Topics covered will include:

  • What’s behind the recent drop in Li-ion battery equipment prices and what might be in store for the coming months.

  • How trends, observed performances, and other factors are impacting project profitability.

  • The advantages and drawbacks of current procurement strategies in the current context of low battery costs.

  • Various types of contracts and allotments, such as EPC turnkey contracts, separation of the battery system and balance of plant, separation of battery from the integrator’s scope of supply, separation of the main transformer from the scope of supply, and more.

  • How procurement strategies and contract types will impact cost, lead time, and interface risks.