Regenerate Technology Global secures Battery Plant in Bologna, Italy

Regenerate Technology Global, an international leader in battery materials and technology, announces it has secured a long-term lease (and an option to buy) of a former battery manufacturing plant in Bologna, Italy. Previously dedicated to crafting high-quality lead-acid batteries for automotive and industrial uses – and then passed into receivership in April 2023 – the plant is set for a transformation. Regenerate is currently renovating the facility, situated on a property that spans nearly 125,000 square feet, with plans to start upcycling lead-acid battery materials by summer 2024.

Reflecting broader trends across the European Union, the manufacturing and recycling landscapes in Italy have been grappling with challenges – notably high energy costs and stringent environmental standards. Italy alone saw the closure of two major lead smelters in 2023. Regenerate boasts technical advancements that significantly trim down the energy needed for processing battery materials, slash emissions, and importantly, upcycle battery products. Regenerate aims to address the pressing need for battery materials recycling in Italy and across the EU, breathing new life into the sector.

During a recent visit to the plant, Dr. David Batstone, co-founder and CEO of Regenerate, engaged with local stakeholders, sharing, “Regenerate has brought excitement within the Italian battery sector because we are showing a pathway to financial viability while vastly lowering the carbon footprint for battery recycling. Italy is looking for local solutions that keep battery materials in the country; Regenerate enables that.”

By the second quarter of 2024, Regenerate will commence recycling lead-acid batteries at this Bologna site, employing its environmentally forward process that drastically cuts the carbon footprint, reduces waste, and elevates the quality of the products.

Dr. Athan Fox, co-founder and CTO, explains Regenerate’s drive for environmental impact: “Our approach is about transforming waste into materials that surpass their original performance. Upcycling lead-acid batteries not only champions sustainability but also delivers up to 40% more energy density compared to standard industry offerings. We’re eager to pioneer this next phase of innovation from our Bologna facility, marking a significant leap in commercial-scale, upcycled leady oxides production.”