See Which Tesla Superchargers Are Open To Other EV Owners Now

It’s a huge day in the world of EVs. Tesla’s extensive and impressive Supercharger network is at long last opening up to non-Tesla owners, starting with Ford drivers once they get their new adapters in the mail.

We’ve known this was happening for months, but now it’s clear which Supercharger stations drivers of Ford Mustang Mach-Es and the like will be able to access. Tesla updated its online Supercharger map to include a filter for “Superchargers Open To NACS,” referring to the North American Charging Standard that Tesla created and has spread like wildfire throughout the auto industry. 

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A new era in EV charging

Tesla’s Superchargers are regarded as the most convenient and reliable EV chargers around, but they were always exclusive to Tesla customers. Now that other automakers plan to adopt Tesla’s plug design, Superchargers are opening up to most EV owners. Ford is the first to gain access.

Some background, if you need it. Early last year, Ford announced plans to incorporate Tesla’s NACS port in its future EVs. In return, Tesla said Ford owners would gain access to 15,000 Supercharger stalls starting in 2024. Owners of current Ford vehicles, which are equipped with a different plug type—the Combined Charging Standard, or CCS—would be able to charge up using an adapter, which Ford opened orders for today

Down the line, drivers of Ford’s next-generation, NACS-equipped vehicles won’t need an adapter. Over the last year, most major automakers have followed suit, announcing NACS integration and Supercharger access for their customers.

Tesla Supercharger Map North America
Tesla Supercharger Map North America of only stations open to NACS.

Today, that new era in EV charging has begun. Ford is the first non-Tesla automaker that Superchargers support, and the company said its vehicles will be able to use Superchargers as soon as owners receive their adapters.

This is all a big deal because anxiety about charging is keeping buyers from going electric. Soon, EV buyers from most brands will have access to what’s widely regarded as the most convenient charging network. 

Non-Tesla EVs won’t get access to every single Supercharger location. Ford has said that its vehicles will only be compatible with Tesla’s latest V3 and V4 stalls. 

Tesla’s Supercharger map shows a large number of locations “Open To NACS,” particularly along the coasts. But there are some noticeable gaps in coverage. 

For example, filtering out Tesla-exclusive stations eliminates all but one location each in Wyoming and South Dakota, and all but two in Idaho. Tesla has done a good job of placing Superchargers at regular intervals on major interstates. But the “Open To NACS” locations are not as evenly spaced. 

Still, EV owners can use non-Tesla chargers like those from Electrify America and EVgo to fill in the gaps. 

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