Tesla’s New Largest Supercharger Will Have 200 Stalls

A new draft plan has emerged, revealing that Tesla might soon build a massive EV fast charging station in the U.S., equipped with 200 individual stalls.

According to MarcoRP (@MarcoRPi1 / X), who tracks Tesla‘s charging infrastructure progress, the new largest Supercharger will be located at Yeehaw Junction, Florida, at Exit 193 of the Florida Turnpike.

Tesla Supercharging stations are getting bigger

Tesla’s global long-term average is over 9 stalls per station. However, in 2023, the average of new installations was higher at almost 10 stalls per station.

The filed plan indicates that the site will have 160 prefabricated Supercharging units (PSUs) and an additional 40 standard dispensers. Eight stalls will be the pull-through type to handle vehicles with trailers or larger EVs.

Little else is known—like power output, the type of dispensers (V4 or the older V3) and whether there will be canopies. The plan might also change. It could include a lower number of stalls, so let’s stay tuned for confirmation.


Nonetheless, a site with 200 DC fast charging stalls would be really impressive. At 250 kilowatts of power per stall, in theory, it would require up to 50 megawatts (50 MW) of power output. Well, maybe not quite because sites aren’t necessarily designed for 100% peak power simultaneous charging (the available power is shared between the stalls, as needed).

According to a separate report (via Drive Tesla Canada), the other large Tesla Supercharging station is planned in Kern County, California. It will feature up to 164 individual stalls. The site at Harris Ranch along I-5 in California is expected to get roughly 100 stalls (up from 18).

For reference, none of the currently existing Tesla Supercharging sites have more than 100 stalls installed. Supercharge.info shows that the largest open site is the one in Quartzsite, AZ with 84 stalls, followed by Coalinga, CA (80 stalls) and Tejon Ranch (76 stalls), a few 70-stall sites and a bunch of 60+ stall stations.