Tesla’s Prefabricated Supercharger Units Can Go Online Four Days After Being Delivered

Tesla has been building Prefabricated Supercharger Units (PSUs) for at least a year at its Giga New York facility, and now the company released a video claiming it can deploy the pre-built EV fast chargers in just four days after getting them delivered to the installation site.

The company’s PSUs have up to four Supercharger stalls installed on a concrete base, with all the wiring in place and everything ready to be hooked up to the utilities. Up to three units–that’s 12 stalls in total–can be loaded onto the back of a truck with a crane and delivered to a new Supercharger location in the United States.

Tesla speeds up EV charger deployment with prefabricated units

Tesla claims it can open a new Supercharger location in just four days after delivering prefabricated DC fast chargers from its Giga New York facility. This means more fast chargers can go online faster in areas where they are needed.

Last year, Tesla said the PSUs reduced the time it takes for a new location to go online from weeks to days but didn’t mention how many days it would take to get them up and running. Now, however, the electric vehicle maker announced that it takes just four days to open a new Supercharger location after the PSUs have been delivered.

Moreover, the video embedded below shows the Giga New York facility building prefabricated units with both V3 and V4 Supercharger stalls. Previously, the official images showed only the previous-generation V3 stalls being installed on concrete slabs.


Both are currently capable of providing up to 250 kilowatts of power to each connected vehicle but the V4 stalls appear to be future-proofed with a maximum DC current output of up to 615 amps and 1,000 volts respectively. The V4 Supercharger also has a longer charging cable than the V3 unit and it features a contactless payment terminal, making it easier for non-Tesla EV owners to top up.

The company said that the largest pre-assembled site built to date has 76 Supercharger stalls, but Tesla didn’t mention where the site is located. In North America, the EV maker has installed 2,300 pre-assembled Supercharger units. Globally, there are roughly 6,000 Supercharger stations with approximately 55,000 connectors.