Top 5 Can’t-Miss Technologies at Battery Show Europe

The Battery Show Europe 2024 is only weeks away: The Stuttgart, Germany event is on June 18 – 20. The immense size and scope of the show—19,000 attendees; 1,100 suppliers; 52 hours of educational presentations; 190,000 square meters of show floor—can make it seem overwhelming.

To help attendees make the best use of their time, the show has provided two useful guides, available online to the public now.

First is the digital Event Preview, which features 37 (digital) pages of information from travel logistics to exhibitor information, to conference highlights. It’s available here.

And now, a separate guide is available as well: This sponsored guide looks at the ‘Top 5 Can’t-Miss Technologies’ to be featured at the event. Specifically, it looks at:

  • EV Battery Assembly Solutions: “Assemble and protect EV battery packs and ensure they maintain their performance under temperature changes, harsh environments, and corrosive elements. Applications include cylindrical, pouch, or prismatic battery designs and electrical components inside charging stations.”

  • Process & Assembly of Battery Cells for E-Mobility: Extensive know-how in winding, assembly, and filling processes informs state-of-the-art European technology that incorporates the latest developments in battery cell assembly and manufacturing processes.

  • Advanced Flow Control for EV Applications: Intelligent electromagnetic and electromechanical solutions for e-mobility architectures, using valves and valve systems specifically designed to provide precise flow control for the unique thermal management requirements of electric and hybrid vehicles and rapid charging applications.

  • Silicones for Safer Batteries & E-Mobility: “Battery Assembly: Silicones are easily integrated in series production and assembly processes. Thermal Management: Silicones efficiently dissipate heat. Long-term stability: Silicones maintain the performance of batteries over long periods of time and a broad range of temperatures. Protection of cells and modules: Silicones prevent thermal runaway events.”

  • Measurement, Inspection & Testing: “Traditional product lines have been integrated with new technologies to provide a mix of measurement, inspection and testing solutions that ensure complete monitoring of the production process throughout the manufacturing of the main vehicle components. These range from batteries to fuel cells and from electric motors to complete electric drive units.”

This online guide is available here.