U Power announces market validation phase of shared battery swapping solution for two-and four-wheeled EVs

U Power Limited, a vehicle sourcing services provider with a vision to becoming a comprehensive EV battery power solution provider in China, has announced that their shared battery swapping solution designed for both two- and lightweight four-wheeled electric vehicles (“EVs”) has entered the market validation phase. The first batch of over 40 battery swapping stations offering battery swapping services for both two- and lightweight four-wheeled EVs has been set up in Shanxi, China, catering specifically to the needs of delivery services and the food delivery industry.

Upon successful completion of the market validation phase, the Company aims to extend its service by gradually deploying over 200 of their specialized battery swapping stations in additional Chinese provinces, including ShandongAnhui, and Shanxi. U Power’s battery swapping technology seamlessly accommodates both two- and lightweight four-wheeled EVs by utilizing battery packs with identical specifications. This system allows different models of EVs to swap battery modules at the same station. For instance, two-wheeled EVs may use 2-4 sets of battery modules, while their lightweight four-wheeled counterparts may use 4-8 sets of battery modules. The procedure entails initiating the swap via cell phone verification at the battery station, followed by manual battery swapping.

Mr. Jia Li, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, commented, “Our shared battery swapping solution is an exciting innovation for individuals employed in the delivery industry. We are confident that our solution will help delivery service providers lower their daily operating costs, while enhancing overall vehicle efficiency. When compared to the cost of purchasing and charging a battery, our leasing system is projected to reduce battery operating expenses by around 30%. Once our solution officially launches, we anticipate the creation of significant business opportunities that will generate long-term value for our shareholders.”