Valmet Automotive presents new battery system

Offering a unique combination of performance, ease of integration and durability, Energy Pack is designed to power trucks and buses as well as off-highway equipment in agriculture, forestry, construction, and mining. The battery system uses the latest generation of durable and safe NMC cells, and it is based on a Cell-to-Pack approach for high energy density of 300 Wh/l.

The innovative Cell-to-Pack approach developed by Valmet Automotive eliminates the need for modules as the battery pack is built up directly from the cells inside. This solution optimizes the use of the available space in the pack and delivers more energy from a smaller and lighter pack. Consequently, the Energy Pack allows for easy integration and optimal usage of the available space in the application.

With ongoing product development and testing, the company ensures that the Energy Pack meets the requirements of the relevant battery system and industry-specific standards. Energy Pack is optimized for applications requiring high energy density, fast charging, and long service life, and serves applications from 50 to 1000 kWh capacity, with a suitable step size of 50 kWh per pack.

The development work of the Energy Pack is focused on safety, quality, and use of latest technologies. The system is installed on a plug-and-play basis and its components can be freely and optimally positioned according to the application, for example on the roof, in the rear compartment, the chassis frame or the previous engine compartment.

“Valmet Automotive strengthens its position as a battery system supplier. The Energy Pack complements the offering of our own battery systems that offer a unique combination of performance, flexible integration, and long service life at a competitive price”, says Christian Kleinhans, SVP EVS, Valmet Automotive.

With its own products, Valmet Automotive is increasingly focusing on the electrification of truck & bus and off-highway segments in its battery business. The Energy Pack battery system is an important step in the company’s strategy to achieve significant growth as a system supplier of battery solutions.

The Modular Battery Platform product family solutions help customers to implement their electrification strategies by reducing the product development, project and production costs associated with the electrification of products. The ready-to-use battery systems offer customers a comprehensive range of solutions from small series to large series production.

In addition to Energy Pack, in-house developed battery product family includes the Power Pack battery system, which is optimized for applications requiring high peak power, fast charging, and long life. Power Pack is especially designed for demanding and low temperature environments.