Vianode prepares commissioning of industrial scale battery materials customer qualification plant and consolidates ownership

Vianode, an advanced battery materials company providing sustainable anode graphite solutions, is on track to start operations at the Herøya customer qualification plant later this year with commissioning set to commence in the second quarter.

The start-up and Vianode’s continued scale-up are supported by owners Altor Fund V (a fund managed by Altor Fund Manager) and Hydro, while Elkem is exiting its financial investment after four years of successful industrial development of Vianode into an international battery materials company.

Vianode targets to supply anode graphite solutions to 3 million electric vehicles per year by 2030 with 90% reduction in CO2 footprint compared to conventional production. The plant at Herøya Industrial Park, Norway is based on Vianode’s proprietary technology that sets a new industrial standard for sustainable production of anode graphite solutions with planned start-up in the second half of 2024.

  • Preparations are underway for hot commissioning with testing of systems and components under operational conditions
  • Installation of full-size furnaces, which are key to the graphitisation stage of graphite production, is close to completion
  • Nearing completion of laboratory facilities, which will play a key role during hot commissioning
  • The Herøya organisation, which counts 70 people, will grow to around 100 over the year

Vianode started small-scale production of synthetic anode graphite in 2021 at its industrial pilot plant in Kristiansand, Norway. In 2022, the company opened its technology center at the same site.

”Vianode is well positioned to enable sustainable electrification and EV deployment across North America and Europe with strong backing from Altor and Hydro,” says Burkhard Straube, CEO of Vianode. “We are grateful for Elkem’s contribution in developing Vianode over several years.”