Video: Focus AI’s Report Unveils Future Battery Breakthroughs

At the beginning of the year, Battery Technology reported on Focus AI’s insights into the future of EV battery technologies, particularly emphasizing the unmatched potential of graphene battery tech. Now, Kacper Gorski, Head of Operations at Focus AI, takes to YouTube to present an overview of the “State of Charge” report from Focus AI, delving into the landscape of future battery chemistries. Gorski provides a comprehensive analysis of 25 different battery chemistries, exploring their relevance across sectors such as electric vehicles, grid storage, and mobile devices.

When discussing the anticipation of disruptive changes driven by emerging battery technologies, Gorski remarked, “Lithium iron is great; it’s sticking around, but there’s definitely room for disruption, and it’s coming pretty soon.” To watch the complete overview, click here.