World Battery Forum Launched to Address Global Battery Issues

Leading battery industry associations around world including KBIA of the Republic of Korea, BASC and BAJ of Japan, RECHARGE of the EU and PRBA of the United States have signed a memorandum of understanding(MOU) to establish the World Battery Forum (WBF) on March 4, 2024 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The U.S. battery organization, NATTBATT, has also participated as an observer in order to join WBF as a new member.

The WBF is a global battery platform formed to enhance collaboration and solidarity among battery industry associations and companies around the world, with the aim of accelerating carbon neutrality, vehicle electrification, energy storage, and future new mobility and other topics. The global battery industry faces challenges such as carbon neutrality, environmental regulations, unfair competition, and supply chain security. The WBF will contribute to creating a favorable policy and regulatory environment for battery business activities, while promoting a level playing field in trade and investment, and securing a reliable battery supply chain.

The first meeting of the WBF, hosted by KBIA of Republic of Korea, discussed the global battery market situation, policy and regulatory environments, battery supply chains and battery recycling-related issues. In addition, there was exchange of views on future activities of the WBF including the addition of new members.

On March 5, the WBF conference was held. The conference addressed essential topics such as ‘The Impact of the IRA(Inflation Reduction Act) on the Global Battery Industry’, ‘EU Carbon Footprint for Batteries’, ‘Promotion of Battery Reuse and Recycling’, and ‘PFAS and Hazardous Substances’. Representatives from the United States, EU, Japan, and Korean associations and companies presented their views and joined in discussions as panelists.

The forum was graced by the presence of five associations from Korea, Japan, USA and EU. Global major cell manufacturers, including LG Energy Solution, Samsung SDI, and SK On from Korea; Stellantis and VARTA from Europe; Panasonic and TDK Corporation from Japan; and Microsoft and Air Gas, an Air Liquide company from the United States, was in attendance. These representatives, along with numerous other domestic and international battery companies, engaged in a dynamic exchange of diverse perspectives.

The next WBF conference is scheduled to be held in the United States in 2025.

KBIA(Korea Battery Industry Association), with over 200 member companies including LG Energy Solution, Samsung SDI, SK On, POSCO, and EcoPro, stands as Korea’s largest and most representative battery industry association.

BAJ(Battery Association of Japan) is represents primary and rechargeable battery industry in Japan with over 100 member companies including GS Yuasa, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, and Kyocera.

BASC(Battery Association for Supply Chain) is the organization that supports the battery supply chain with approx. 200 members including Panasonic, GS Yuasa, prime planet energy & solutions, Sumitomo Metal Mining, JX Metals.

RECHARGE is the European industry association for advanced rechargeable and lithium batteries. Founded in 1998, its mission is to promote advanced rechargeable batteries as a key technology that will contribute to a more empowered, sustainable and circular economy. RECHARGE’s membership

covers all aspects of the advanced rechargeable battery value chain in Europe: from suppliers of primary and secondary raw materials, to battery, equipment and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), to logistic partners and battery recyclers.

PRBA(The Rechargeable Battery Association) serves as the voice of the Rechargeable Power Industry, representing its members on legislative, regulatory and standards issues at the state, federal and international level with various members including Microsoft, GM, Ford, LG Energy Solution, Samsung SDI.

NAATBatt International promotes the development and commercialization of electrochemical energy storage technology and the revitalization of advanced battery manufacturing in North America. NAATBatt International currently boasts global membership of 378 member companies.