ZOOZ Power partners with “ON”, the leading charging network in Israel, to boost ultra-fast charging infrastructure along cross-Israel Highway

ZOOZ POWER Ltd., a leading provider of flywheel-based power-boosters for enablement of ultra-fast EV-charging, announced the successful deployment of its innovative Power Boosting solution, enabling the upgrade of the “ON” charging site at Dor-Alon Station on Route 6, the Cross-Israel Highway, one of Israel’s most congested transportation corridors.

The upgraded site is the outcome of a fruitful collaboration between ZOOZ Power and “ON” charging network, the leading ultra-fast charging network in Israel (a joint operation of Dor-Alon, a leading gas-station network operator, and Afcon Electric Transportation, a leading CPO in Israel). This ensembled effort aims to address the growing demand for ultra-fast charging capabilities, and provide better services to EV drivers, on this main route, while overcoming the limitations posed by the electricity grid in that site. ZOOZ’s innovative solution, based on the ZOOZTER-100 Power Booster and ZOOZ’s proprietary Energy Management System (EMS), is aimed to enable “ON” to provide better charging services on site, by upgrading the previous configuration (1 ultra-fast charger and 2 fast chargers), which was limited due to the available grid power, to four ultra-fast (150kW) chargers, supporting eight charging ports, with ZOOZ’s solution boosting the grid, and managing the chargers’ power, to support this upgraded configuration.

Avi Cohen, ZOOZ Power Executive Chairman, said: “This is a significant milestone in facilitating fast-charging services to the Israeli EV drivers, and improving their driving experience and, as a result of that, helping EV adoption vision to become a reality. Together with Dor Alon and Afcon, we provided a cutting-edge solution showing that our technology allows to accelerate the deployment of EV charging infrastructure with multiple ultra-fast charging ports, while smartly utilizing the limited grid available on site, enabling growth of utilization and empowering charging stations profitability more rapidly and efficiently.”

This is another step of collaboration between the parties, following on the success of a Pilot project in which the parties established an ultra-fast charging site at the Dor-Alon station “Mall-Zichron” in Israel, which is commercially operational since January 2023. The operational success of that project laid the groundwork for expanding the partnership to support “ON” charging sites on the main transportation corridor in Israel.

The parties plan to implement ZOOZ’s solution and upgrade an additional site of “ON” on Route 6, the Cross-Israel Highway. This additional upgraded charging site, in the southern part of this highway, is expected to open in the second quarter of 2024.